1.0 Continuing Education Credit Hour

Diabetic foot ulcers affect 1 to 3.5 million Americans annually. An estimated $11 billion is spent annually to treat pressure injuries and between $25 and $50 billion is estimated to be spent annually to treat nonhealing chronic wounds in the United States. This module will focus on four types of wounds: arterial, venous, neuropathic/diabetic and pressure injuries, with instruction on risk factors, nursing assessment and treatment goals provided.   



  1. Identify assessment for each type of wound.
  2. Discuss factors to consider in dressing selection.

Online Module

When completing the on-line module you will be presented with learning objectives, brief cases, questions for reflection (not scored), and interactive lessons with hyperlinks to engage you along the way. Once you complete the lessons, you will be presented with the Post Test (which requires a score of 80%) and then the Module Evaluation, followed by the opportunity to print your Continuing Education Certificate. Modules remain available for your future reference once you have completed them.