The Program Staff is interested in helping you solve any situation you might have regarding completion of ltcGAIN modules. Please feel free to contact one of us when you need assistance.


For assistance with registration, module selection, continuing education documentation or other questions about nursing contact hours, please contact: Karen Lowe, Education and Special Projects Coordinator, LeadingAge Ohio


For assistance with website usage or other program clarification questions, please contact:  Linda Mauger







Q: Is it possible to take only one or two of the modules if I want to increase my knowledge in those areas or do I have to complete all of the ltcGAIN modules?

A:  You may complete as many of the modules as you would like.  You are not required to complete all the modules

Q:  Is there a discount if I purchase all of the ltcGAIN modules?

A:  If a group or organization purchases all of the modules for 10 or more of their staff, there is a discount price per module. The individual cost per modules remains at $10 per module with the SBAR module always being included free of charge with the purchase of another module(s).

Q:  How do I register for the ltcGAIN Program?

A: Registration is a two-step process.  

Step 1: 

a.    Register and pay for the ltcGAIN Program at the LeadingAge Ohio site (follow the Education Tab to the ltcGAIN link). Following your successful registration and payment, you will receive an email from LeadingAge Ohio with an Access Code (referred to as discount code) that allows you to access the ltcGAIN modules you have purchased, OR 

b.    If your organization has purchased a group of modules for its employees, registration has been completed for the group and the access code (discount code) will be provided to individual employees by a representative within your organization.

Step 2:  Once you have your access/discount code, please travel to ltcGAIN Registration and create a new student account in the ltcGAIN Program to gain access to the modules. 

Copyright Notice: The ltcGAIN program may contain copyrighted materials.  Materials may not be saved to your computer, revised, copied or distributed without permission.  Such materials are to be used as part of the modules only and are limited to the duration of your participation in the modules unless permission is granted from the program staff or the owner of the material.


The ltcGAIN Program offers a comprehensive curriculum of pathophysiology, nursing assessment, and communication skills to improve patient outcomes for older adults in long-term care settings and enhance professional development for the nurse.  It is the responsibility of the individual participant to practice within the guidelines of their scope of practice.